Monday, March 15, 2010

Cozy Inn

The joys of being a corporate location photographer is the great food I find on my trips.  Yes, also the terrible dining experiences.

In Salina, Kansas there is a little restaurant called Cozy Inn.  Opened in 1922 as a 6 stool hamburger joint that makes these palm size hamburgers that are really good, and really bad at the same time.  Yes, it still has just 6 stools and they do have a few tables outside.

When I walk in there my friend asks me, "should I order a bag of 12 or 6 hamburgers."  We have both been there before. Thinking that we were going to be in the car for about 5 more hours, heading to our next Nebraska corporate assignment, I suggested a bag of 6 for the two of us.  Revisiting hamburgers with onions while driving a few hours later is not always the most enjoyable experience and the smell from that bag is a guarantee that we will be smelling Cozy Inn for the rest of the day, if not the entire trip.

She was a bit disappointed because they are so good, though went ahead and ordered us a bag of 6.  And I knew I'd eat more than 3 of them because they taste soooo good.  So, I also felt a little disappointment we didn't get more.  After eating 3 of them in the car, I was right that I was ready for another.  Though about an hour later we both agreed that 3 were just perfect. :)

If your passing through Salina, KS you must stop by Cozy Inn and get a bag of burgers.